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    Gabriele Gracine



    In 2015 when I was 64 years old, thinking I had no artistic ability, I unexpectedly discovered a potential talent for digital art.

    For the next two years I spent up to ten hours every day teaching myself all aspects of digital art and exploring my newfound passion.

    As my abilities and confidence grew, I began submitting my artwork for various events near my home in Colorado.

    In June of 2018 I traveled to Santa Fe New Mexico, a magical city I had been visiting for over three decades and that I considered my heart's home.

    In the eclectic artists' community of Madrid, 25 miles south of Santa Fe off historic Route 66, my artwork was accepted for exhibit and sale at a gallery near the center of town.

    In 2021 I will celebrate my 70th birthday. I am, what I never knew I always wanted to be ... an artist.



    Artist statement

    I create art in an effort to bring the power of beauty to the world. Using visual language enables me to articulate the emotional energy I experience in the moment during the creative experience that lies just beneath the surface and have no words to express. My intent, with each realized conception, is to capture the viewer's wonder and imagination with an object of visual poetry that is unique, deeply personal and extends an offer to contemplate the possibility of a new reality.



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