My name is Frustaman, I am a self-taught artist. For over thirty years I have been expressing my emotions through painting. I grow over time experimenting with ever-changing techniques while keeping my abstract vein more impulsive. The strong chromatism that attracts the viewer and invades him with strong emotions is recurrent in my paintings. My works represent the relationships between human beings and their diversity: connections, dependencies and interdependencies.

    Also in my works I represent in an abstract form the territorial reality of my land, the "Valtellina"

    Personal exhibitions of relevance: "people inside, outside and elsewhere" with three other artists in 2018 at the Palazzo Pretorio di Sondrio exhibition sponsored by the Municipality.

    Mainly I exhibit my works locally, in the magnificent Valtellina and in nearby Milan.

    In 2019 I attended the following exhibitions:

    - personal exhibition in Ardenno (SO) at “Fondazione Ulisse”

    - collective exhibition in  Sondrio called “Scarpatettiarte”

    - personal exhibition in Livigno (SO) at “Acquagranda”

    - collective exhibition in  Teglio (SO) called “ArteinTeglio”

    - collective exhibition in  Milano callled “Arte informale oggi” at “Galleria Chie Art Gallery”

    - collective exhibition in  Genova called “Me We ” at “CAD creativity_art_design in Palazzo Saluzzo”

    - collective exhibition at “Luxembourg Art Fair”


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