Freedom - Size 100x150 cm - Canvas / oil 2016


Artist: Alexander Mikhalchuk


    Freedom - Size 100x150 cm - Canvas / oil 2016


    Alexander Mikhalchuk


    I was born in Ukraine in a small town surrounded by forests. At that time, the Soviet Union, as a gigantic powerful country, held its citizens in very difficult social conditions.

    My childhood has left a lot of vivid memories. From early childhood, for some reasons, I liked to leave alone without hearing or seeing other people. At such moments, the understanding that I was a part of nature was coming to my mind. I could spend some hours with a pencil and an album, painting some pictures, quietly sitting in the room. I was painting whole my life for as long as I can remember.

    As a teenager I was ordinary person and didn`t differ from my peers except, perhaps, my love for painting and some tremendous ruth for all living things.

    After graduating from high school I was immediately drafted into the Soviet Army. When I was serving in the military forces I was doing some duties which were connected with painting as well. But from that time I have realized that any military force is a product of a terrible human imperfection. But despite this, it sometimes gives certain skills to young people and makes them stronger.

    After demobilization, I was searching for the sense of my life for a long time. It was a period of a severe economic crisis. It was the beginning of the collapse of the Soviet Union. I have entered to college. But all the time I was devoted to my hobby. At that time I was lucky to be hired and trained in the French-Ukrainian animation studio Borysfen-Lutes. It was a very interesting period of my life. I was swallowed up with the world of animation. My training was led by the famous artist-animator and the director Vladimir Dakhno.

    After a while, I have realized that a team work is not for me. I began working alone. The painting started to bring me more stable and acceptable incomes gradually and I devoted myself to it completely. The old masters Bosch, Archimboldo, Bruegel had a huge influence on me at that period of my life. They impressed me very much.

    I change my style of working all the time. At one time I was very interested in the style of Arcimboldo. Then I created the world of the scarecrows. Through those images I wanted to transfer to some kinds of my own philosophical thoughts. I think that the paintings should be very different, so I like using the techniques of classical painting and the modern trends.

    I believe that a painting should bring strong emotions to people, make people dream and sometimes even cause shock. Any kind of art is a tool for creating emotions. The stronger emotions are the more talented master is. It is wonderful, when a picture which is hanging on a wall causes a passing by person to slow down or even to stop him/her.

    I always try to create something special. The images in my head are born by different ways, some like a flash of light, others need longer time to be made. Sometimes I leave my town and go for a living and working to the countryside. It is very inspiring for me. I always have a lot of new paintings when I come back to my town after my resting with the nature.

    I participated in many international exhibitions. My works are presented and sold in many countries of the world. In 2019, I plan several exhibitions in Estonia, one of them is for a charity. I am also going to take part in other interesting projects this year.



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