Fragmented Body

Fragmented Body

Title: ’Fragmented Body

Dimension: 2224 / 1668 px

Technique: Digital artwork

Year: 2020


Artist: Aurore Phipps aka PURAPARI


    Aurore Phipps aka PURAPARI


    PURAPARI, also known as Aurore Phipps was born in Guadeloupe on March 17th, 1993. Shes a non-binary femme and French Caribbean artist, writer, and teacher.


    After spending several years abroad taking inspiration from artists she met on the way - whether it be in Paris or Bilbao - she decided to come back to Guadeloupe, her motherland, to find new ways to create.


    Despite owning several degrees in various fields including a Masters degree in Political Studies from the Paris School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences and a Bachelors degree in Latin American and Spanish History from Sorbonne Nouvelle University, she finally filled the void within when she reconnected with art several years later.


    Originally a self-taught painter and sketch artist, PURAPARI now focuses primarily on digital art and seeks to bridge the gap between realism and abstraction through geometrical figures and well-researched chromatic palettes. In abstraction, she found freedom to change signifiers and mold them into new idioms. Indeed, she is known for her ability to speak multiple languages but her favorite language remains the language of artistic expression.


    PURAPARI is inspired by the likes of Joan Miro, Sophie Taeuber-Arp but also finds inspiration in women, fashion, naive Caribbean art, and interior design.


    You can find her art and words in Queen Spirit Magazine and the upcoming edition of Black Femme Collective.



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