Forest in gold

Forest in gold

“Forest in gold” - 2020- 60x80- Acrylic on canvas


Artist: Bianca Dakli


    Bianca Dakli


    Bianca Dakli is a dancer/ performer and abstract painter  born in Rome, Italy,  and based in Berlin, Germany, since many years. She started painting only in 2020 as some sort of therapy. Due to the pandemic she wasn't able to perform for a long time so she had to find another way to express herself and use her energy and creativity, so it began. Improvisation is the engine of her way of painting, spontaneous and instinctive (the same way she acts while dancing) engaging with her body and using gestures as liberation of her energy. Her style is often inspired by nature, dance and natural movement, trying to express the beauty of unpredictability, performing on the spur of the moment. Nothing is planned beforehand and only after she finishes painting she sees something in it and fortunately , another person can always see something different in it than what she sees.


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