Flores II

Flores II

Flores II: 32x27cm acrylic on tablet, mixed technique with spatula. Year of execution 2019


Artist: Leticia Estévez


    Leticia Estévez


    (February 1, 1985, Victoria de acentejo, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain) Single, no children. Only cats and dogs


    My name is Leticia Estévez (Afonso, that is  why my signature is * EA) and I was born and live on an island full of contrasts that can be the muse of any painter, and I think that color is reflected a bit in my paintings.


    I studied Film, Video and TV Direction and Production and worked for a few years in the news programs of my autonomous community, a very small place.


    In recent years I have been looking for other paths, I am also a veterinary assistant and canine hairdresser, because my other great passion is fauna and flora.


    I worked brief periods as a hairdresser, also in a hostel ... But not only for love but also for health, I ended up getting closer to art and specifically taking refuge in painting, a discipline that I have practiced as a hobby since I was a child. I love combining techniques, especially mixing the spatula to create different textures that allow me to play with depth. In addition to the color ... I often have the idea of a more sober work, in muted tones and when I finish I find myself in front of a canvas that explodes in co lor.


    Sometimes  I can't help it. I have a weakness for color and I get excited because the canvas is my mirror, where I vent my emotions that are not always good, and it is fortunate to be able to turn them into something positive. I almost always paint at home, but each stroke is like being able to fly.


    Last year I was lucky enough to receive classes from the painter Nuria Mora, also from Tenerife, and I hope to be able to return.



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