Fleur - 70x60x2cm - 2018 - acrylic

Artist: Vera Kober


    Fleur - 70x60x2cm - 2018 - acrylic


    Vera Kober


    My name is Vera Kober. I'm a  Russian self-taught painter who lives already more then 8 years in Belgium. Thank you for your interest in my work. I will tell you a little bit about myself. I really love to experiment with combinations of colors and different techniques, I prefer floral, still lifes, abstract and landscapes subjects. I like to paint on the border of reality and abstraction with spontaneous feelings. The choices of my work are caused by impressions, intuition, moods and emotions. I love abstract modern art for being able to express my thoughts and feelings, for the fact that this kind of art gives me a great freedom of expression ...My paintings are in russian, belgium, french and american private collections. 2018 - NYC Gallery on broadway


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