Fleshy Lips

Fleshy Lips

“Fleshy Lips“ Acrylic on canvas 33x24cm


Artist: Luisa Barba


    “Fleshy Lips“ Acrylic on canvas 33x24cm


    Luisa Barba


    Born in Barcelona, Spain, her first steps in art were with her father José Mª Barba Albiñana, an excellent artist in enamel reproductions of a large majority of the most renowned painters of history, encompassing all styles: Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Gothic, Romanticism, Realism, Cubism, Impressionism, Expressionism, etc . He was also a well-­‐known jeweller as he was jeweller studies and profession.


    Luisa worked with her father for several years and then spent some years designing and selling jewellery.


    She returned later to what she had always liked, painting. Since the age of ten she began taking lessons from the painter Odile Kurz at the Betania-­‐Patmos foundation, and at fourteen she began working with her father in the enamel reproductions technique combining studies and work.


    Art, beauty and to be able to reflect it, to shape it in some way, is her way of expression.


    She currently shares a painting studio with her sister Angela Barba who is also a painter.


    She is also dedicated to interior and exterior decoration.




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