Fishing of Malaga

Fishing of Malaga


40cm x 60cm x 1.5cm

Work done on acrylic canvas, polychromatic.

From my summers in Malaga, land of Picasso, what I remember most are those mid-day meals, with a tomato salad with garlic and extra virgin olive oil, a bread that took my mind off to dip in that oil and a good dish de “chanquetes”, or as many of us called them whitebait, because of the jargon that was used by fishermen and children of those times.

In the early mornings, the fishermen threw the nets, it was early morning, the sun was breaking, and they pulled them out from the sand, an ancient trawling technique. I remember that one of the many days that my friends and I visited them, when I went to help the fishermen I got into the water and saw the nets full of very small, tiny fish, but with the first rays of light they shone like emeralds of all colors. I remember it like it was yesterday ...

That is what I capture in my work, that day when, pulling the net together with the fishermen, taking out the codend I saw a rainbow of fish one on top of the other. I remember this image with great affection from my childhood and it is reflected in my work these days.


Artist: Gregorio Negro Maldonado


    Gregorio Negro Maldonado


    My name is Gregorio Negro Maldonado. I was born in 1973 in the province of Granada, Spain. 

    My family comes from Alhama de Granada, in south of Spain. They have been established in this location for more than 500 years, with generations of politicians, farmers and merchants, also having a very close relationship with the world of art, with many artists in the family, with the surname Maldonado, very well known in the art world, as Manuel Maldonado, Juan Manuel Brazam, Juana Jimenez Maldonado,…

    I moved to Granada very young, at the age of nine. It was the beginning of a great adventure, in which I have traveled around the world, doing what I love most "Creating".

    Creative and promoter of ideas. I have spent my life on the crest of the wave, creating companies, starting businesses, generating ideas and supporting people's creativity, serving as a reinforcement in my own. I have been combining my business life with my passion for art. Reading and painting are my passion and my escape from everyday life. It is my most intimate expression with which I seek my personal enrichment and development.

    Throughout my life drawing, the chromatic ranges of all the places I have visited and lived in have marked my personality, in an autodidactic way and with itinerant training, I have been polishing myself as a sculptor to his work. 

    I am influenced by numerous artists and movements such as expressionism, romanticism ... although every movement is worthy of admiration and influence, as well as artists among many others Vasili Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning , Piet Mondrian, Picasso, Dalí... I love Basquiat, Edvard Munch August Strindberg , Vicent van Gogh... so I could stay for hours... but even more so the great influence in my works is the moment, the situations and experiences in the different countries where I have lived, their people and their day by day.

    My youthful time, full of landscapes, travels and mountains for sport, as well as for work and studies in New York and New Jersey, San Francisco, Berkeley, London, Edinburgh, Lisbon, Coimbra, Salvador de Bahia, Natal, Milan, Strasbourg, Geneva... etc.... all these places and their unforgettable experiences made me what I am. They helped me to approach life in a chromatic way, with bright and radiant colors, also in white, black, gray scales and lead... in other occasions.

    Life for me and the decisions you make, are not black or white, it is a diversity of colors, depending on the emotional state and circumstances of the moment and of each one.

    It has helped me to see from different perspectives the studies I have done in different subjects, which give you a great value added, as I have been trained in subjects in legal, social, political, economic and financial matters.

    "Cities of light, such as Lisbon, San Francisco, Salvador de Bahia, Natal, Granada, Malaga, Cadiz, Madrid, Barcelona... Dark cities like Edinburgh...Scotland, countries like England, Nordic countries...the Balkans, the Carpathians, the Black Forest, the Alps, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Berlin...of old Europe and other Nordic countries in their colors, their darkness and their industrialization. Everything has life, a life that you observe and that you shape as your eyes see it. All art that can evade me and shape my reality. A life full of turbulence, acrimony and joy"


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