Fire flies

Fire flies

Fire flies


Artist: Saori Kashimura


    Fire flies



    Saori Kashimura



    Digital and  Mixed Media Artist based in Japan. I got inspiration from history, myths, religion, etc.

    and  I am producing works. Combining of tradition and  innovation is most important subject for me.


    I depicted innovative Buddha paintings with  modern technology and   stuck a gold  leaf  which  is a classic technique, I stamped it.  Combining of tradition and  innovation is most important subject for me.   For that reason ,  I drew an imaginary city  where some high-rise temples are  built  and  five bodhisattvas are  flying in the sky.  This is the scenery of the hearts of those who  pray for peace. Me and  my friends are  model for this artwork.

    Religion evolves in history, just like art.


    Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design Musashino Art University, Tokyo,Japan


    2017 Winner  | Salon  d'Automne2017 Paris, France

    2016  Special Jury  Award |TAGBOAT ART FES2016 Tokyo Design Week, Japan

    2015 Finalist Prize  | Asia Digital Art Award2015,Japan

    2013 The  highest award | SONEDAYU surrealism and  beauty Award 2013, Japan

    2012 Jury  Prize  | Kitakyushu Digital Creator Contest 2012, Japan, etc.


    2017 MILAN BIENNAL OF ART International Contemporary Art 2017 | MAD GALLERY MILANO, Milano,Italy

    2017 Salon  d'Automne2017 | Paris, France

    2017 ART FAIR Independent TAIPEI | Songshan Cultural Park,Taipei, Taiwan

    2015 The41st ARTEX- NEW YORK 2015 | WORD- NASSE GALLERY, NY, America

    2014 Miami Art Week Art Basel  Miami Beach 2014 | SPECTRUM Mami, America

    2013 Asia Digital Art Award Bangkok 2013 | The  National Science Museum ,Bangkok , Thailand

    2013 Asia Digital Art Award 2012 | Fukuoka Asian  Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan

    2012 Saori Kashimura Solo Exhibition | The Art Complex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo,Japan ,etc.


    "My work combines the contemporary with the ancient to explore themes that transcend time. I work in the contemporary medium of large-scale digital prints with collage elements, and draw on traditional themes from Japanese and East Asian culture in developing my imagery. In order to explore my Japanese roots, I began looking at history, folklore, and myths, which led me to become interested in how these things have been passed down and become integrated with contemporary culture. As a result, I create work that experiments with visually connecting the past, present, and future.


    My most recent body of work is based on the Kojiki, the oldest record of Japanese history in existence. Entitled “Genesis of Japan,” this series envisions the present as a continuation of ancient myths and history. I both travel to the locations mentioned in these myths and historical records to take on-site photographs, and shoot staged scenes where I pose as characters from the story, styling the hair/makeup and fashion specifically for each story or scene. Elements from these various photographs are then collaged digitally and finally printed on large-format inkjet printers. Once printed, I apply traditional materials such as gold/silver/copper leaf and paint to complete the surface.

    These works began as an exploration of my roots, my identity, and the ancient stories from my culture, but they have developed into a search for, and representation of, universal truths that can be found in the ancient but which transcend time. My use of digital media is purposeful, aimed at prolonging the physical lifespan of the work: when data is continuously saved in the newest form of technology available, it can avoid deterioration and hopefully be preserved for posterity, contributing to the passing down of the cultural heritage my imagery explores. When future generations see my work, my present will have become their past, and perhaps they will add their own twist to these images. Envisioning how the work might be perceived in the future fuels my imagination as I create."


    [ Description of new work ]

    Neo Bodhiasattva

    In this work, I drew  a new image about the Buddha.

    Five bodhisattvas are flying into a fictitious city with multiple high-rise temples.

    They are riding a divine beast.

    Bodhisattva is Buddhist worthy of nirvana who postpones it to help others.

    Garuda is the king of a bird that never falls, Peacock eats a poisonous snake, purifies bad things.

    A horse is a ride of the king.

    The elephant comes from the Ganesha god, which is said to exclude obstacles in Hinduism,

    and the lion is a symbol of strength.

    As a bodhisattva, 4 friends are appearing in this work and I am on the lion in the center of the work.

    I painted the halo of the Budhisattva using pigment powder of traditional Japanese paintings and

    stuck the gold foil like radial light.


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