Fire, mixed technique, canvas, 50x70cm


Artist: Malgorzata Palczewska


    Fire, mixed technique, canvas, 50x70cm


    Malgorzata Palczewska


    An architect and a painter from Poland, graduated from Technical University - Architecture Department.

    From a young age she showed love for drawing and painting,

    She both captures the reality in her paintings and creates abstract art.

    Małgorzata Palczewska expresses all that contains beauty, making art more interesting, deep, sensitive and stirring.

    She experiments with colors, lines and different painting techniques (oil, acrylic, mixed technique and watercolour paintings).

    She also draws and paints architecture.

    Malgorzata Palczewska is a versatile artist. One of her techniques is to paint architecture by combining a lot of lines. The elegance of the object can be seen at first glance, but a closer look reveals a network of thin lines. Her understanding of perspective and warmth inspires positively and creates invaluable feelings in her abstract art.

    Her art belongs to collectors in multiple countries, takes part in charity activities, open air events, as well as in both polish and foreign art exhibitions or festivals.

    Takes part in the international Art festival "48 H Neukoelln" in Berlin.

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