When I was 9 years old, a teacher told us in class to draw what we wanted, it occurred to me to paint with many colors an abstract expression that was exactly what I liked and made me feel. Very proud of my drawing, he presented it to the teacher and broke it into as many pieces as he could. That moment marked my artistic life forever and until many years later I was not able to express myself like that again.

    When I decided to do it I started to paint on canvas and to present my works in small galleries and places like restaurants, Pub's, etc. I donated one of my works to the public school of Domaio (https://www.farodevigo.es/portada-o-morrazo/2009/09/22/infancia-pintada-ferro/370352.html), where my son studied, I do street performance, I paint on canvas, I have painted scooters (https://www.farodevigo.es/portada-o-morrazo/2017/01/25/piezas-arte-ruedas/1611090.html), I have painted mannequins, I have squeezed irons and painted with colors and everything that I play to express what I feel.

    Last year 2019 was one of the most active in terms of exhibitions in my career since I have been in the Chapel of the Cangas hospital, in the restaurant “Las Tapas de Jose”, in the art gallery “Spazo” in A Coruña, at the hotel “Marquis” in Granada and at “Expo metro” in London.

    This year 2020 I participated in several exhibitions, some recently completed and others that are still open today:

    • Collective exhibition at the Hotel el “Privilegio de Tena” in Huesca
    • Collective exhibition at the Hotel “Casa Palacio María Luisa” in Cádiz
    • Individual exhibition at the restaurant  “El Barco” in Granada
    • Individual exhibition in the “Círculo de Empresarios de Galicia” in Vigo.

    My artistic training is based on observing what I feel and capturing it. I learn from any type of art and I try to advance every day and that my works evolve with me.



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