Fernando Velazquez

Fernando Velazquez

Fernando Velazquez


    Fernando Velazquez


    Fernando Velazquez was born in Seville, Spain in 1966. After spending a year in California, he settled in London in 1999 and finally in rural Dorset where he lives and works. Largely self-taught, Fernando has worked for many years in his studio, producing a highly original body of work represented in his series “Paintings of the Floating World”, “Through the Veil” and recently “Cave Paintings of our Time”

    Since moving to Dorset, Fernando has had a succession of solo exhibitions in London, New York and Madrid and has been represented in a large number of mixed exhibitions. Fernando has also been involved in many art projects and commissions, including collaborations with ICE “The International Contemporary Ensemble” in New York, The Ormeley Dinner, The Ecology Trust and The Aspinall Foundation and “Tusk modern Art Auction” at the Bafta’s in London.

    Simon Groom writes: 'Velazquez's paintings are not slick one-trick wonders aiming for an immediacy of impact, happy simply to gratify the senses, nor they seem to belong immediately to any particular school or grouping, he is doing something more difficult and substantial: rather than succumb to the vagaries of contemporary taste, he has chosen to engage with the rich tradition of painting to forge his own, highly individual style. It is the mark of a mature artist that each work, though different one from the other, should still be recognisably by the same hand, as though imprinted with the painter's own spirit'.

    Velazquez's art has intrigued his audience for many years, challenging the viewers to confront his personal vision of today's world whilst offering an art that transcends time and space. In his own words 'my art is a reflection of the forgotten and invisible world around us, a world that I see as a mysterious place, where painting reveals the true nature of human kind'. For the last 20 years, Fernando Velazquez has shown a unique universe of images born from light and dramatic passages of dark fields, offering an art of extreme emotions, a journey towards understanding the power of communicating through painting, 'I believe that art is capable of influencing change whilst creating new life'.


    Fernando Velazquez

    Seville 1966





    “The Big Picture”

    Vancouver, Canada.



    M.A.D.S. MILANO, Milan.




    Chelsea College of Arts, London


    “Flux Exhibition” Greenwich Peninsular Art Placement, London



    “Secret Auction” Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

    “Summer Show” Atkinson Gallery, Street, UK

    “Consciousness” Anima Mundi International Arts Festival, Venice, Italy

    “Gallery Artists” Bowridge Gallery, Dorset UK

    “United” Gologorski Gallery, Krakow, Poland

    “Alchemy Body - Fire, Air, Earth. Water Jorge Jurado Gallery, Bogota, Colombia

    “National Youth Arts Trust Auction” Rise Art, London



    “Interrogating Materials” Durlston, Dorset Visual Arts.

    “Art in Hospitals” Dorset Visual Arts, Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester

    “Bowridge Gallery” Dorset

    “164 Annual Art Exhibition” Royal West Academy, Bristol



    “Layers and Light” Rise Art, London.



    “Royal West Art Academy 162nd Exhibition 2014” Royal West Academy of Arts. Bristol.

    “Pop Up Dorset” Jacksons Gallery, Portland.

    “Evolver Prize 2014”, Atkinson Gallery, Street, UK
    “The Tribe Prize 2014”, Edgar Modern, Bath, UK



     “Dorchester Open 2013” Dorchester Arts Centre.

    “Marshwood Arts Awards 2013” Bridport Arts centre. Dorset.

    “Royal West Art Academy 161th Exhibition 2013” Royal West Academy of Arts. Bristol.



    New paintings, Hilfield Manor Gallery

    Pop Up Dorset Open Exhibition, Portland



    Contemporary Art, McMaster Tims, Jersey

    Un Verano para recordar

    Hotel Isabel de Farnesio, La Granja de San Ildefonso, Segovia, Biondetta Art Gallery, Madrid



    Selected Works, The Gallery at Hilfield Manor, Dorset

    Salon Millesime, Madrid. Biondetta Art Gallery

    Contemporary Paintings and Sculpture, The Air gallery, London

    Feria DeArte, Biondetta Art Gallery, Madrid

    Luz y Alma a 360, Padula & Partners, Biondetta Art Gallery, Madrid

    Summer Exhibition, Harris Interiors Gallery, Poole



    Causalidad-Casualidad .Galería Punto-Arte, Barcelona.

    Works on Paper. Harris Interiors Gallery, Poole, Dorset

    The Ormeley Dinner, The Ecology Trust and The Aspinall Foundation, London

    Jamaica Street Artists, Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, Bristol



    Harris Interiors, Gallery Artists, Poole, Dorset



    Margins, Sherborne House Open, Sherborne, Dorset



    Modern Art Fair, Study Gallery/ Harris Interiors Gallery, Poole, Dorset



    Panel/Canvas/Paper Rosenberg & Kaufman Fine Art New York

    Harris Interiors Gallery, Gallery Artists, Poole, Dorset



    Floating Worlds. George Crumb/Fernando Velázquez, Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theatre. Symphony Space. Sound/Image Event, New York

    (Un)Convention, Rosenberg & Kaufman Fine Art, New York

    Summer Exhibition, Rosenberg & Kaufman Fine Art, New York



    Art for Youth The Mall Galleries, London

    Summer Exhibition, Rosenberg & Kaufman Fine Art New York



    Abstraction, Rosenberg & Kaufman Gallery, New York

    Bergdoff Goodman, New York

    “Starting a Collection” Art First, London



    Art 2000, E1 Gallery, Contemporary Art Fair, London

    New Elemental, E1 Gallery, London, ART Paris



    Vital Art’99, Cowcross Street Gallery, E1 Gallery, London

    Art London 1999

    Round Chapel Festival, Round Chapel, London



    New Art, Chelsea College of Art, London




    Let's Go Down the King’s Road, Artists in Residence Kensington & Chelsea College, London



    Focus National Painting Competition, Finalist, Focus Foundation, Seville, Spain



    New Creators, Oriel Theatre, Mold-Clyd, Wales

    History Institute, Lancaster. UK

    Lillian Palley Visual Arts, Oakland, California, USA



    Hotel Arts’94, Egam Gallery, Madrid; Hotel Arts, Barcelona

    Dark City Lights, Granados 2 Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

    Dada, Down Town Lives ’94, Los Angeles, USA



    National Contest for Painters’92, Chicarreros Gallery, Seville, Spain

    Young Creators, Borron Gallery, Oviedo, Spain 1992

    “With another View” Universal Exhibition Expo 92 Seville.



    “Young Creators” Regional Assembly, Cartagena, Spain

    “Young Art” Babel Gallery, Murcia, Spain



    National Painting Competition, Almudi Centre of Art

    Mediterranean Savings Bank, Spain

    International Meeting for Young Artists, European Council, Berlin, Germany

    Cultural Exchange, Madrid, Spain

    Young Art Exhibition, School of Architecture, Murcia, Spain

    National Painting Competition, Mediterranean Savings Bank, Spain



    Regional Competition for Visual Art, Murcia, Spain

    National Competition for Visual Art, Valencia, Spain

    New Creators, San Esteban Church, Murcia, Spain




    “Prints & Drawings”, Miroslav Perkovic Workshop, Mojacar, Spain



    “Pintura de Finales” Mestizo Art Festival, Caballerias Gallery, Murcia, Spain Pintura de Finales, Muralla Bizantina Gallery, Cartagena, Spain



    “Pintura del Otro” Youth Gallery, Seville, Spain



    “Recent Works”, Madelaine Pearson Gallery, Islington Arts Factory, London



    “Taking Shape”, Woodlands Gallery, London



    “Night Paintings”, E1 Gallery, London



    “Paintings of the Floating World” Rosenberg & Kaufman Gallery, New York



    “Fernando Velázquez” Oliver Holt Gallery, Sherborne, Dorset

    “Paintings of the Floating World” Harris Interiors Gallery, Poole, Dorset

    “Cuevas” McMaster Tims Contemporary Art, London




      Biondetta Art Gallery, Madrid



    "Through the Veil"

      Harris Interiors Gallery, Poole, Dorset


      Hilfield Manor Gallery, Sherborne



    “Cave Paintings of our Time”

      Dorchester Arts Centre



    Bowridge Gallery

    Dorset, UK




    The Bowridge Gallery

    Dorset, UK



    Artzine 2018 Winner

    Dorchester Open 2013 Exhibition Prize

    Evolver Prize 2014, Atkinson Gallery, Street Finalist
    The Tribe Prize 2014, Edgar Modern, Bath Finalist

    Marshwood Vale Art Awards 2014

    Focus National Painting Competition, Seville 1996. Finalist.



    Madeleine Pearson Gallery, Islington Arts Factory Exhibitions, Denzil Forrester, London 1997

    New Elemental Aesthetic, E1 Gallery, Ivan Tennant, London 2000

    Night paintings, Essay by Simon Groom, London, 2000

    Altered Images, The Sunday Times Magazine, Ria Higgins, 2000

    The Dictionary of Art in Britain since 1945, David Buckman, 2001-2011

    Fernando Velázquez, Rosenberg and Kaufman Gallery, New York , Samuel Lloyd Thomas, 2003

    Sound/Image, Rosenberg and Kaufman Gallery, New York. Essay by Nikki Cesare, 2003

    Putting you in the picture, Dorset Echo, 2003

    Floating Worlds, George Crumb/Fernando Velázquez, New York Times, Jeremy Eichler, 2004

    Art on Demand, Art and Antiques in America, Margaret Littman, 2004

    Fernando Velázquez, Oliver Holt Gallery, Sherborne. Andrew Stooke, 2008

    The Sherborne Review, 2008

    Mind Fields, Dorset Magazine, Stephen Swanns, 2010

    Light and Soul at 360 degrees. Carmen Mendez, Expansion, Madrid 2010

    Evolver Magazine. Exhibit A 2011

    Tusk Modern Art Auction, Bafta. The Telegraph, Anoosh Chakelian 2011

    “Katherine Locke talks to Fernando Velazquez” Marshwood Vale Magazine. May 2014

    “Fernando Velazquez” Interview with Fiona Robinson, Evolver Magazine. May 2014

    “Fernando Velazquez on the Spotlight” Rise Art Feature, 2015

    “Studio Talks with Fernando Velazquez” FineArtSeen, 2016

    “Talullah Magazine” Interview by Daniel Dunt. May 2016

    Home & Design. The Telegraph Saturday magazine, October 2016

    “50 Internantional Artists to watch in 2017” Talullah Magazine, December 2016

    Luca Curcci talks to Fernando Velazquez. Interview. Its Liquid, Venice 2017

    Visions. The Flux Exhibition. Flux Magazine, London 2018

    Interview with Fernando Velazquez. Singulart Magazine 2018




    Hotel Arts Contemporary Art Collection, Barcelona

    Universal Records, London

    Stephen Rosenberg, New York

    Solterra, Burgos, Spain

    Biondetta Art Gallery, Madrid

    Editorial La Muralla, Madrid

    Punto Art Gallery, Barcelona

    The Dragon Gallery, Sussex, UK




    European Council International Art Workshop, Carmiano, Italy

    Working on paintings, stage design, sculpture and collaborative creations with young artists from Italy, Germany, France and Spain.


    International Meeting of Young Artists, Berlin

    Projects uniting music and painting


    International Conference for Young Artists, Strasbourg

    Meeting of young artists and writers for the creation of a new Arts Magazine



    International Creative Workshop, Caceres, Spain

    Meeting of international artists working together on new projects culminating in a theatre performance



    Director and producer of two Art radio programmes Radio 5, Murcia, Spain



    Director of the Arts section “Mouth to Mouth” Magazine, Ministry of Education, Murcia, Spain

    Promoting young artists, writing articles and interviews



    “About Art”

    Workshop and seminar with artist Anton Lamazares for the “Mestizo Festival” Spain

    “Creation in the 90’s” Lecturer in a series of conferences regarding Contemporary Art, Oviedo, Spain



    Regional Workshop for Painters & Writers, Ministry of Education, Spain

    Director of a workshop with actors, writers and photographers for the creation of a multimedia project.


    “Tiro al Blanco”

    Director of a happening performance, sponsored by the Spanish Government

    Involving well-known artists and politicians in a project for the promotion of art within the community.


    “Copy Art”

    Workshop working with photocopier machines with the theme of repetition and innovation



    “Dark City Lights”

    Project with American artists for the production of a fluorescent art exhibition in Los Angeles, California



    “Mirada Infinita”

    A workshop for the International Arts Festival “Sibila”, Seville, Spain

    Assistant of artist Nacho Criado for the production of an installation for the Sibila Gallery


    “Maps without Frontiers” Andalucian Centre for Contemporary Art, Seville, Spain

    A workshop with the art critic Fernando Castro and artist Carlos Capelan for the study of Art Theory and professional practice



    “Diapason” Collaboration with Oboist Ellen Marsden, London



    “Eating Art” Project organised by E1 Gallery, London

    Involving chefs and artists



    Floating Worlds, Commission of a large format painting by Rosenberg & Kaufman Fine Art. Stage design at the Thalia Nimoy Theatre, New York Celebrating the 80th birthday of American composer George Crumb. Collaboration with the International Contemporary Ensemble ICE (Chicago) for a live performance at Symphony Space, New York.




    “Bueliau” Commission of a large painting on glass as part of an architectural project in the New  Forest, Dorset, UK



    Commission of two large paintings for the Solterra Art collection, Madrid

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