Artist: Nene Tatsumi


Size: 100x80cm

Year: 2020


Artist: Nene Tatsumi


    Nene Tatsumi


    Nene Tatsumi is a Japanese artist. While studying  the law in the university of Keio, Japan, she started to draw the illustrations inspired by the manga, animes,  to and traditional artworks of Japan. Studied  the art at the P.I Artcenter in NY for 6months, she came back to Japan and got a Gakuten Prize  in 2018,  by the  work[Mirror]. After  graduated the  university of Keio as bachelor of law, she got a prize of the women association prize in Japan, 2019. Also, that work [Fate]was exhibited in the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Ueno.

    In July of 2019, She got a Nika Association Prize, Japan. Thawork[Passion] was exhibited at


    The National Art Center, Roppongi.


    Also, she participated in LUXEMBOURG ART FAIR, 2019 by the gallery of Spain.


    In 2020, she participated and exhibited at the Diocesano Museum di Terni, Italy, supported by the coartmagazine.

    In 2020, she will exhibit her artworks  at collective exhibition of KUNSTRAUM GERDI GUTPERLE gallery, Germany.

    Also, she participate the one-year online  exhibition at the Galeria  Azur Madrid(partnership with Artsy), 2020.

    She graduated the master  of law of Sorbonne University in France,  2020



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