Falling Icarus

Falling Icarus

Title: Falling Icarus

Technique: resin*

Dimension: 105 x 51 x 45 cm

Year: 2021

*available in bronze on request


Artist: Alexandra Kapogianni-Beth


    Alexandra Kapogianni-Beth


    Alexandra Kapogianni-Beth started out painting and drawing and has been producing material objects for about 15 years now. The last seven years she has mainly been busy with sculpting. For her pieces of art she uses a wide range of raw materials, making use of the perspectives of a Greek artist now living in Germany. Her own experience here and there, and the unique histories of both countries force her and allow her to choose and connect what she assumes to serve her intentions best. When considering her objects, she is focussed on turning dead materials, as hard rock or soft matter as gypsum and clay, into something vivid that offers a contrast between unhewn surfaces with soft flowing worked surfaces. Greek history over the millennia offers a wide range of impulses. Heroism beyond human limits and multitudes of mythological actors, and all their visualization by other artists, find their way into the sculptures that she designs and produces. The delight she enjoys, hopefully finds its way to the beholder and stimulates their reflections of what they see and experience.


    EXHIBITIONS (selection)


    • Shanghai International Art Fair (CHN)
    • Shibuya Station Exhibition, Edition III, Tokyo (JPN)
    •  Biennale dei Normanni, Monreale (Palermo) (IT)
    •  Swiss Art Expo, Artbox Project, Zürich, (CH)
    •  POP-UP-ARTISTS-COM, Wuppertal (DE)


    •  EuropArtFair 2019, Amsterdam (NL)
    •  "Müßiggang ist aller Laster Anfang - Die 7 Todsünden",
    • Bochum-Wattenscheid (DE)
    • Kurze Nacht der Galerien und Museen", Schloß Freudenberg,

    Wiesbaden (DE)


    •  "kunst schau fenster", Kulturtage AKK, Commerzbank AG, Mainz-Kastel (DE)
    •  "Kurze Nacht der Galerien und Museen", Schloß Freudenberg, Wiesbaden (DE)
    • "Der Höllensturz - Phantastische Kunst nach Pieter Bruegel d.Ä.", Bochum-Wattenscheid (DE)





    • International Prize ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2020
    • 3rd International Prize LEONARDO DA VINCI

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