Exposure - How To Write A Painting

Exposure - How To Write A Painting

Exposure - How To Write A Painting, 48x56”, mixed media on canvas, 2018


Artist: Jake-Andrew Nason


    Exposure - How To Write A Painting, 48x56”, mixed media on canvas, 2018


    Jake-Andrew Nason


    Multi disciplinary artist and experimental musician, exploring sensory perception and my own sound-colour synaesthesia through painting, sound and multi-sensory projection installation.

    Born 1992,  based in Battersea, London, UK.

    BA Hons Degree in Fine Art - Kingston University

    Masters Degree in Fine Art - Norwich University of The Arts

    Exhibited in London, Amsterdam, Norwich, Philadelphia, Madrid and have work in private collections internationally.

    “Working closely with music and sound, my work is created around the synaesthetic visualisation and physicalisation of engagement with audio stimulus.

    Layering the synaesthetic colours, textures, tones and movements onto canvas allows me to manipulate the static final compositions digitally, creating cascading projected colour sequences that are mapped digitally to fit their surroundings, becoming audio-synchronous visual narratives, or a synthesised synaesthesia”

    Available for specific commissioned works, painting, digital and sound work. Each commissioned painting is unique and bespoke to the clients audio stimulus of choice (song, sound etc)"

    “My painting style takes on more of an expressive performance role, in that each composition is produced in a single, extensive sitting where I listen to the audio stimulus on repeat.

    Never working on an easel or against a wall, I find that laying the large canvases flat on the ground allows me to move freely around and apply each individual layer of “sound” or “tone” to the canvas in the freest form, translated directly from my sensory perception.

    Each composition will embody a whole piece of music or album, and will contain “features” of the musical pieces as highlights or focal points.

    It’s the documentation of an experience, not just a painting."



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