Evan William Plunkett

Evan William Plunkett

Evan William Plunkett


    Evan William Plunkett


    My work is about my connection to the objects, surfaces, and materials in the world, man-made and otherwise. It is noticed reflections, light patterns and sources; sightings of rust or the effects of weather—snow, rain, fog—water drops on a windshield or sleet obscuring lines of sight. It is the patinas, textures, configurations, and perspectives of the seasons and the changes in materials and surfaces. It is also about the mirrored images, self-reflections, internally and externally. It is documentation of complexities that become simple and realities that become unreal when noticed with passion. Representing the world with awe and wonder allows me to access it later, remembering rare and beautiful moments.

    Evan Plunkett is a multi-media artist. His primary focus is photography.

    Evan has published two monographs of photography: Landscapes, 2019 and Statements in Passing, 2017. His work has been included in several exhibitions and private collections.

    Evan serves on the Board of Directors of Doris Wilderness Foundation, Inc., a rainforest preserve in Belize.

    Evan is a graduate of the University of Miami and resides in Putney, Vermont, USA.


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