Eternal embrace

Eternal embrace

Eternal embrace;  65 cm× 50 cm ; Acrylic painting on paper


Artist: Mouna Rharmili


    Mouna Rharmili


    A self-taught artist who has been passionate about ART since her earliest childhood, her artistic ardour has always guided her.

    From 2014 till now, she has lived, breathed and expressed herself through the use of lines and colors.

    Born in Fes, Morocco, she studied at The University of Pharmacy in Monastir, Tunisia. She owns her own pharmacy in Rabat now.

    Sensitive as well as fascinating, she draws inspiration from her everyday life to create colorful and stunning paintings reflecting her philosophy; paintings that are the product of her moments of happiness and suffering.

    Influenced by Impressionism and Contemporary ART, she created Mon’ART, her pride and her window to the world.

    She took part in her first exhibition in 2018 in RABAT, then in two others in 2019, she aspires to share her artwork internationally.


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