Esboço do Paraíso

Esboço do Paraíso

Esboço do Paraíso (Sketch of Paradise) 2020


Oil on canvas


Artist: Sandra Lages


    Sandra Lages


    I have always been a lover of art, especially Impressionism and Surrealism. I have been painting since I was a child and, when the pandemic begun, I decided to start sharing my works on Instagram. Painting has become paramount in my life, for honestly expressing my feelings and thoughts. My work does not just portray an objective reality, but the pursuit of my own style. I intend to continue on the path of art.

    I am also a Brazilian psychoanalyst affiliated to the London International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), working in my private office in Rio de Janeiro. It is a job that also deals with a variety of personal emotions, much like the arts.

    I speak Portuguese, English and Spanish.


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