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Eric Franklin

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    Eric Franklin


    Eric is a 57 year-old eclectic photographer who pretends to be a Process Improvement Analysis. Educated in Medical Forensic Photography in 1994, the first part of his photography career was majority technical shooting, printing and processing. He went on to get a BS Degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Quality System Management.

    In 2000 Eric lost the ability to see out of one eye and he will tell you that his world changed for him. It wasn’t until 2007 that he picked up a camera again. With myopic vision now he stated, “I see the world as though always looking through a camera.” His drive to shoot has always been what he sees as the relationship between optics and light no matter what the subject may be. He shoots with all light spectrums and sources and continues to try and push himself to find different and unique ways to do so. His subjects range from studio work, urban, experimental projects to walking through the woods photography fungus. Be it a box with a whole in it, a dedicated B&W Leica, CCTV lens or prime glass, he uses any tool to capture a moment in time.

    He would tell you this, “ I have been afraid lately that the art of photography will be lost. In the pass the process from start to finish played a big part in the final piece. Now the dedication to understanding it all doesn’t seem important to shooters as well as viewers. The line between graphic art and art photography has been removed and people don’t understand the difference. Even when shooting digital, I try to keep the whole process as true to film as I can. For me that is the best way I can be true to the art of photography.”

    Awards: 7th International Zebra Award 1st Place for Abstract and Contemporary

    7th International Zebra Award 3rd Place Nudes

    International Zebra Award 23 Finalist Awards



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