Emre Gurgur

Emre Gurgur

Emre Gurgur


    Emre Gurgur


    Emre GURGUR was born in 1992 in Turkey. The artist, who showed great interest in art from an early age, completed a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts in 2015. He then went on to study a Master’s Degree between 2016 – 2017, after which he moved to  Australia to learn English and observe Aborginial art.

    He has been participating in various exhibitions and competitions since 2012. He integrates unconventional mediums to his artwork and likes to experiment with it too. His artwork has mostly been centred around abstract antique maps. One of his source of inspiration has been Piri Reis – a navigator, geographer and cartographer - who existed in the 15th – 16th centuries. Emre continues to produce his art in Australia.


    He says that ‘’Abstract art is like a world without borders and the world is an illusion with borders.’’




    I love creating artwork because it is the language through which I can express my feelings, when words are not enough. I believe we live in a world of appearances and illusions, behind which our true nature exists. Through my art and the use of certain coulours and textures, I let my soul express how it relates to this world of illusions.

    Since 2013, I have mostly been drawn to abstract art in which I find the freedom to express my feelings without bounderies. My abstract creations have been centred on antique maps, which I find mysterious and fascinating. I thus combine the two elements and produce abstract antique maps.

    Most of my paintings have more than one type of colour base. For instance, I often use a mixture of oil and and water-based colours on the same canvas. I also like to experiment and often use unorthodox mediums which produce original textures and colours, through which I find the potential to reflect my feelings. 



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