Man seen through the eyes of his 14-year-old prostitute.


January 2021.


Acrilic on 300gr White paper.


Size : Width: 22cm Height:  28 cm


Sign: right and down.


Artist: Dany Gouttiere


    Dany Gouttiere


    Dany Gouttiere is a non-binary, gender-fluid artist who was born and grew up near to Medellin, Colombia during the time of war often referred to as La Violencia or, The Conflict.

    Outside of Colombia, Dany is probably best known for highly decorative jewelry creations and for tours designed to give foreign tourists a view of Colombia “off the beaten path.” Some of his/her jewelry, using the ancient art of micro-macramé, is inspired by indigenous traditional decoration.

    Dany’s tours are designed to take tourists a little outside of their normal comfort zone of historic places, coffee farms and nightclubs. He/She believes it is important that tourists learn about what war does, and what war has done, to the people of Colombia. Sometimes then, Dany’s tours will take people to places that were only a couple of decades ago scenes of unthinkable violence and death.

    Inside Colombia, Dany is known for efforts to expose a whole constellation of social issues facing today’s youth; Poverty, homelessness, hunger, sexual violence, and prostitution; these are topics Dany knows all too well. He/She has written about sexual abuse for a Medellin magazine and has done many interviews for local media talking about gender, sexuality and HIV.

    Together with an alter ego, Acida De Gouttiere, Dany has worked as an alternative model and has written songs about the nameless victims of Colombia’s decades long war. Of Acida, Dany says, "She is a travesty, not a drag, and with her I found my own beauty in the middle of a two system world.”

    Social inequality is a persistent theme in Dany’s art. Injustice in Colombia is easy to see, but for Dany, it is also much, much too easy to pretend we don’t see it. He/She wants to use art to start conversations about injustice, even if (and especially when) those conversations can, in the beginning, be very uncomfortable.


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