East Past and West Present Collection

East Past and West Present Collection

East Past and West Present Collection


Description: East Past to West Present presents an alternative view of Canada’s East to West historic alteration over centuries. Each site and sculptural landscape activates notions and knowledge of location and evolution of humanity. This maintains fundamental knowledge of Canadian historical evolution originating from early contact to our contemporary era. Each Province, from East to West, evolves in degrees of 50-80 years forging a time progression. A smaller representation of past begins in the most Eastern province at first early contact and evolves by milestone dates concluding in Present time within the West. Historical components of the past are situated within each Province and the apparatuses begin to enlarge upon the wall. The last five move further West with components advancing towards the gallery floor. The final contemporary apparatuses situates within gallery centre with majestic animation. Within activation notions of certain places and past, Provincial installation elements center upon historic research. These exposing antiquities ignite Canadian humanity changes, both positive and negative. Space-through-time, formulate evolutionary artwork which tieback introductions and transitions.


Artist: Tiki Mulvihill


    East Past and West Present Collection


    Tiki Mulvihill


    Tiki Mulvihill is a Canadian, born in Calgary, who resided in British Columbia for the last twenty-five years. Since initial graduation (BFA, MA University of Idaho, USA), regional activities extended Tiki Mulvihill’s role as artist. Diverse employment as instructor of art/dance, curating, coordination of educational art-programs and collections; provided impetus for experimentation in multi-disciplinary, collaborative and community-based activities. Her MFA (University of Calgary, Alberta) furthered varied connections through art. Her visual art practice expanded into installation and performance activities. She also employed as Visual arts instructor at Colleges and Universities. Recently, Tiki Mulvihill collaborated and co-founded Art is Land Network, a Vancouver Canada-based artist collective in the use of natural and repurposed materials to engage within landscape. As well, recent affiliations with artists from theatrical fields, dance and textiles invoked intra-disciplinary approaches to sites. Recent activities residencies and collaborations expanded Tiki Mulvihill’s personal thinking, effort and capability through utilization of stories, theories and tales. As well, her residencies within Sweden and Scotland developed unique site-specific installations and performances. These international exhibitions enlarged her sculptural practice. Within the last three years, of reducing teaching and increasing art, hugely enlightened her practice. Mulvihill exhibited her artwork primarily in Canada, secondarily in the United States, and thirdly in Europe (Scotland, England, Sweden, Spain and Italy).

    Artist Statement:

    Multidisciplinary artist Tiki Mulvihill incorporates sculpture, performance and audio in site-generated installations and sculptural works. Although currently situated in Vancouver, Mulvihill sees herself as a reluctant nomad, moving throughout adult-life between rural and urban communities. This transience generates an ongoing dialogue within her studio practice where she teases the supposed truths we construct in our conflicted relationships with place.

    Mulvihill’s recent work, constructed of natural and repurposed materials, is realized through pseudo-scientific research and development. It expands through viewer interaction and engagement to bridge the gaps between imaginary and actual: between fact and fiction. Her specific artwork purpose, derived from exploration and evolvement through process, intends to expand unique impulses for individual viewer interpretations. From a conceptual structure, spectators definitely engage in disparate environments, which stimulate humanity response to ‘place’ and people. Themes of heritage, cross-cultural perspectives and Canadian identity are her purpose of significance particularly in the current political climate. Viewers generously open their own knowledge of history and current life when observing artwork, which engages her activity as an artist.

    After completion of the past exhibitions, Tiki Mulvihill plans to create entirely new installations and sculptural pieces while continuing with strategies in the future.



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