Earth Patterns 1

Earth Patterns 1

Title: Earth Patterns 1

Technique: Art Board 14” by 18”

Mediums: Hand-ground soils, wood ash and natural wood resin medium

Year: 2021

Description: Mountains, waves, rice-paddies and countless forms in nature mimic these flowing natural patterns.  Dominated by yellow chromes and red ochres, the vibrant colours are the natural expression of the local countryside.  We walk on the soil but we rarely notice it, yet all biodiversity relies on the health of this fragile and easily torn skin.  Painted solely with natural earth soils, collected by the artist from his garden and the surrounding villages and countryside in a rural part of Hong Kong, and hand-ground in his home-studio.  An organic gardener for over 25 years, David combines his passion for soil, gardening and composting, with art.  Using natural soils, art becomes a means to engage with soil from different perspectives and encourage both the artist and observers to heighten their awareness of the beauty and fragility of soils.  Wood-resin from Japan is used as an ecological binder. 


Artist: David St Maur Sheil


    David St Maur Sheil



    David St Maur Sheil is a practicing artist, gardener and an enthusiast on composting. As well as training in art at the Metropolitan College Brighton, he has been a practitioner for many years of organic farming, biodynamic farming and Permaculture.  He currently lives between Hong Kong and East Sussex.

    Artist's Statement

    “I am a naturally positive person who likes to focus on solutions, but witnessing remorseless deforestation, soil erosion, loss of fertile crop land, waste dumps and chemical spills and more during my years of work on sustainability across the Asian region led me to experience periods of deep sadness and hopelessness at the battering endured by our mother earth.

    However, in recent years our understanding of soil along with many other ecological solutions has developed in leaps and bounds! There is also deeper appreciation of the link between healthy soil, healthy food and our own health and inner resistance to disease. The transition to sustainability needs to be supported by a deep cultural shift, and this is why I have recently taken to combine my gardening and environmental work with art, as a means to explore the healing potential and the deep sustaining roots of our connection to the earth.

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