Title : Drowned Size :  30” x 40”

Medium : Acrylic paint Date : December 2020.


Artist: Jon Skul


    Jon Skul


    “It’s not so much an expression of the external, but merely of an internal importance”…..  - Jon Skul







    The global pandemic has changed the world forever. During the height of it in New Orleans, Louisiana, the hospitals were devastated with an overload of patients infected with Covid-19. Working in this nightmare environment, Jon Skul, also known by John Hover, helped many of these patients, because he works as a Radiologic Technologist (X-Ray Tech). The emotional turmoil and physical exhaustion led Skul to express himself through his artwork. With his AS degree in X-Ray, twelve plus years experience in the medical field, and a BA degree in New Media Animation / Photography, he has acquired many talents and a unique artistic vision.

    With the personal experience of dealing with the virus and a new wave of visual artists appearing on social media due to the pandemic, Skul became motivated to create work dealing with the medical field, science, and the pandemic . This also gave way to the latest movement, in which Skul coined the term Bioexpressionism. This pertains to Bio - meaning life and science, and expressionism, meaning the way an artist views and expresses oneself through one’s artwork. The first of his works will entail a series of Bioexpressionism paintings utilizing various paint mediums. Jon Skul is one of the newest emerging visual artists from the Southeastern United States. He will be looking forward to displaying his latest works nationally and internationally at various venues starting in January 2021.

    Jon Skul resides in Slidell, Louisiana and is also where he currently works at his studio.


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