I born in 1980 in Paris. I moved to the West Indies in 2007. I do not communicate on my first name only on my painter lame 'Dral'.

    I quit my job on a Monday and started painting on Tuesday, two years ago. I had no artistic training, so I looked at a lot of tutorials at the start and looked for my style which I found after a year of work. A style that suits me.

    I really like to watch what is being done, to go to museums, to watch auctions, publications of modern artists, gallery owners. I like the joyful painting the bright colors. I don't break the colors much. I try to do things as I like, cheerful painting, I do not denounce anything and I try to transmit pleasure and color. I paint without sketches by instinct and my canvas is built quite quickly. I like Renoir, Matisse, raoul Dufy, Pierre Bonnard, Buffet and many others.



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