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Dragos Bagia

Dragos Bagia


    Dragos Bagia


    My name is Bagia Dragos, born on 7 of April 1967 in Constanta, Romania. As a child i could not help painting, creating everything that came into my mind. Completely self-taught, i did not follow training in art school. That did not block me to acquire the talent. Constantly evolving my art speaks for me. Through my creations i show what people avoid to see. My philosophy can shock, disturb .If sadness in a work can touch people, why not? After all i like to paint my dreams, things from my fantasy, religion, esotericism , Zohar ; Solomon's Keys.

    I have a confession, this is not, just a painting, it is a chance to change your life! Find out what is beyond the border! Light your mind... ! I hope you will see the message of the painting


    Techniques used : oil, mixed techniques.

    Support: canvas, wood, cardboard.

    Influences : Caravaggio, Sabin Balasa, Frieda Harris

    Esoteric Philosophy: Giordano Bruno, Corneliu Agrippa, Kabalah      



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