Dormant 2021

145x100cm painting

Amsterdam acrylics ;Goose feathers; 100% linen,fine loom, Italian canvas.


Artist: Anita Dalen Johansen


    Anita Dalen Johansen


    Anita Dalen Johansen is a Norwegian figurative artist. Her expression wanders between abstract and realistic motives.

    Educated in Lillehammer and Oslo, worked as a portrait-painter for a gallery between 2002-2007 as a second income. Started outside the gallery  in 2008-2012. She picked up art again in 2018, but fell ill in 2019 before she was able to make any career out of it. Now she is rising again, hoping to find her place in a busy industry.

    While creating her art, she has worked with interior design and colors for different shops and brands in her area. Making color- palets and layouts of privatly owned homes.

    Characteristics for her artwork is closeup portraits or landscapes on commission. She use bold contrasts and colors if nothing else is discussed. Dark to light and complimentary colors are recurring in almost alle her art. Outside of commissions, she paint people and try to capture their state of mind and vulnerability if not her own.



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