Dinosaurs playing hide and seek

Dinosaurs playing hide and seek

Dinosaurs playing hide and seek, 2020, digital painting on canvas, 50x60 cm


Artist: Zlatan Woszerow



    Zlatan Woszerow


    Zlatan Woszerow is an artistic nickname of a digital abstract artist who lives in Poland. His artworks are made from his own drawings, photography or physical acrylic paintings, which he transforms by using digital art tools. In fact, each of his artwork has a common root, while the form constantly evolves, reflecting a stormy development of his personal artistic sensitivity, sense of beauty, understanding of aesthetics and technical skills. His inspiration comes from the act of creation itself, which consumes him completely being the source of indescribable satisfaction. From the moment he had created his first digital artwork (January 2019) his art has been quickly appreciated and he has presented his art in several art fairs and international exhibitions including in the US, Luxembourg, Italy China and Russia.

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