Year: 2020


Size: 67cm x 100 cm


Paper: Baryth


Artist: Hilde Carling



    Title: ”DEPARTING”

    Year: 2020

    Size: 67cm x 100 cm

    Paper: Baryth



    Hilde Carling



    She was born in Bergen, but lives in Oslo, Norway.  In 2008, she started with photography, at the age of 47.

    Education since 2008.

    2008 – one semester at University of Oslo. ”History of Contemporary Art.”

    2008/-09 Bilder Nordic School of Photography

    2008 to 2015- several photographic workshops in Norway, and abroad with renowned photographers.





    2021- Group exhibition in Oslo, Norway

    2022 - Group exhibition in Denmark


    Past exhibitions:

    2016 - Solo exhibition ”PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB” at Grand Hotel, Oslo, Norway.

    2016 – “Directors Choice” at Nordic light International Photo Festival, in Kristiansund, Norway. ” PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB.”

    2012 First solo exhibition  ”SKAGEN BY THE SEA,” Denmark

    2009-2012 Five group exhibitions.




    The image “Departing” is part of an ongoing water project.

    Water and the ocean give us joy, serenity and excitements in so many forms; this is what she is currently exploring in her work and, for her upcoming exhibitions.

    Aqua it is just a working title, as the images have not yet been exhibited.

    Hilde works intuitively, and she keeps coming back to including water in her photographs, maybe the answer may be found in her background, she grew up in Bergen, a city on the west coast of Norway, known for its rainy weather.



    She is interested in social relations and in the place of individuals in society. How do we relate to each other? How do we treat each other? How strong is the significance of culture and social rank in our interaction with others?

    These questions were the start of her fine art project “PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB,” which is about hotel maids. The project started in Rome, 2012. First she photograph the maid while she is cleaning rooms in hotels, thereafter she meets her in a private setting.  In the exhibitions the images from work and the private setting are juxtaposed. 

    By 2020 Hilde has photographed almost 50 maids in Europe, Singapore and Tokyo.

    The images are a result of encounters with hardworking people with hopes, dreams and their unique stories.



    Is the name of her first solo exhibition in 2012, three years after she graduated from Bilder Nordic School of Photography.

    Skagen is the northernmost destination in Denmark, is a renowned town with amazing light combined with a unique nature and white sand beaches. The contrast of the hot and busy crowded summer months to the cold and quiet solitude of the winter, together with the continuous play of light with the sea fascinated and inspired Hilde in her work.


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