Title:   Daydreaming

Year:   2021

Tech:  Acrylic painting on plywood

size:    300x600 mm


Artist: Anri Saito


    Anri Saito


    It is always the energy of pure thoughts that moves people's hearts. I hope that through my work, my energy will be conveyed to the hearts of the people who see it, and through them, it will be released back into the world in some form, and creativity will circulate in a positive way


    I studied crafts and design at an art school and i started my creative activities as a candle artist in 2015.
    In 2021, I was inspired by an artist I knew and started painting.
    It is true that skills such as years of experience and knowledge make the work more wonderful. I had convinced myself that in order to paint, I would have to study for it. At the same time, I thought that art should be universal, not something particularly sublime. I wanted it to be something that anyone could express at any time without reason.



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