Dance party at Harry's

Dance party at Harry's

Dance party at Harry's


Artist: Sanna Stabell


    Sanna Stabell


    I was born and raised in the United States, spending my childhood years in Minnesota and moving to Arizona as a teenager.


    I started my creative processes early on in life and developed my experiences into a repertoire that encompasses painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media & design.

    Spending time in nature and with animals has been an essential key to my happiness and has influenced my work, along with the beauty and creative impact of the Arizona desert.


    Hopefully, my art will speak to you as it does to me, and bring happiness, joy, some snorts and a few knee slaps.


    Lotsa love…

    American-born multi-disciplinary artist Sanna Stabell has her head in the clouds and her feet firmly planted wherever she lands.  A self-taught artist, Sanna draws her creative strength from a deep emotional base, channeling childhood anxieties and fears into expressive artwork that carries lightheartedness above a contemplative undercurrent.

    Sanna loves to utilize a variety of techniques and mediums to keep both her mind and artwork fresh, as well as provide a means of exploring additional avenues of expression. The use of color in both bold and diffuse patterns helps her develop and communicate the emotional content of her artwork, and her spontaneous creative method results in each work existing as a window into her thought process and emotional center at the time of creation.

    Sanna is the founder of the Cathartic Art Movement (CAM). Please see link to access the CAM Instagram site: Cathartic Art Movement (@catharticartmovement)



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