Crossing paths

Crossing paths

'Crossing paths' _ 2019 _ Oil on canvas _ 30 x 24 inches


Artist: Juliet Napier


    'Crossing paths' _ 2019 _ Oil on canvas _ 30 x 24 inches


    Juliet Napier

    Specialising in painting, my practice is multidisciplinary as it is informed by both digital and physical process, subject matter and media. I am interested in the relationship and presence that digital media has in contemporary painting. Although not present directly in the work, the digital remains present in the process and is reinterpreted on canvas. As a painter, I think of the canvas as a ‘landscape’, not literally but with a sense of depth as I compose the visual elements within the scene. I explore abstraction that is both painterly and graphic-like, somewhere between expressionism and hard edge-abstraction.

    I produce oil paintings but approach painting using technology as a preparatory tool in the studio. I use digital collage and digital painting to create compositions and then translate what I see on screen into physical material on canvas. Translating from screen to canvas, I explore the discourse between the digital and physical. It is within this realm of engagement, between screen-based material and physical painting, that a new kind of representation is formed. The visual elements in my paintings grapple with each other for space, surface and form and between foreground and background like a ‘landscape’. There is a dialogue created between the elements as they collide and co-exist on the canvas. I view them as objects in space and entities in themselves.

    Alongside the process of painting, I am interested in the idea of artistic ‘simulacra’ and representation. Through a chain of representation, translating from screen to canvas, something new is created each time. Shapes and colour transform through perception and become transformed by the artist’s hand. Translation, perception and representation play an important role in my practice and my work from its creation to its finished form.



    BA (Hons) Graphic Design

    Interactive Design Institute (Online course)

    University of Hertfordshire 2017-2021

    Postgraduate Certificate

    Masters of Letters in Fine Art Practice

    The Glasgow School of Art 2015-2017

    BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking

    The Glasgow School of Art 2011-2015



    ‘Be Inspired’, Group Exhibition, DIVULGARTI, Ducale Palace, Genova, Italy, 30 Jan – 13 Feb 2020

    Studio Opening Exhibition, 47 Molendinar Street, Glasgow, Scotland 2018

    Aon Community Art Award Exhibition, Aon Headquarters, Leadenhall Building, London, UK 2015-2016

    Kingsford Estates, Private Collection, Dublin Street, Edinburgh, Scotland 2016-present

    GSA Degree Show, The Glasgow School of Art, Tontine Building, Glasgow, Scotland 2015

    ‘I Am [////] For You’, Group Exhibition, Fleming House Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland 2014

    Painting and Printmaking Group Exhibition, Grace and Clark Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland 2013

    Fine Art & Design Cross-school Exhibition, The Mackintosh Building, Glasgow, Scotland 2012


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