Crossing path abound

Crossing path abound

CROSSING PATHS ABOUND  2020   Digital Collage 17x22 IN or 43.18x55.88 CM


I work in basically four media: oils on canvas or paper; etching inks on handmade paper or unique monotypes; encaustic wax on cradled wood panel; and what I call digital art.


In my digital art, computer enhanced work, I want to evoke a feeling of timeless space from which images can shimmer in the viewer’s imagination.  I create these images from composites from my photographs to scanned objects imported into the computer.  The composites are then aggregated and edited into an image with the aid of Adobe software.  The image is then printed on a substrate, e.g., archival paper, glass, plexiglass, etc.  Sometimes I use collograph, chine collé, ink, or pastel to finish the piece.


The 5 pieces presented here were started in 2009 and completed in 2020 with haiku titles. I hope they enhance your experience of “FABLE” by evoking meditative feelings and dreamlike thoughts.


Artist: Kiyomi Baird


    CROSSING PATHS ABOUND  2020   Digital Collage 17x22 IN or 43.18x55.88 CM


    Kiyomi Baird


    I am a Japanese American artist.  I was born in Arizona and grew up in California.  My father gave me a box of artists materials when I was 3.  Making art was a daily activity and eventually a way of life.  I attended UC Berkeley and worked part time in the Metallurgy Department.  There I discovered another universe in textures and patterns in a hair line metal fragment through the electron microscope.  That shift in consciousness was the gateway to my artist’s path.  Years later I moved to Tokyo and felt a deep resonance with Japanese culture and aesthetics.  I realized that aspects of myself and my art are Japanese.  I believe this cultural duality, the Eastern search inward toward stillness and the Western drive outward through exploration, is the source of a dynamic tension I feel in my life and express in my art.


    I create abstract spaces and forms that explore the movements of the cosmos and of the human spirit.  Both dimensions…physical and spiritual…are infused with the same universal life force which expresses itself through a variety of elemental shapes.  My work flows naturally without planning from my unconscious, personal and collective, and strives to reach a similar depth in the observer.  I try to show how these elements move in time and space toward balance.  I work with symbols, not signs, because I want to evoke feelings and experiences in the observer, not messages.  The spheres I often use can be seen as conceptual monads of the mind or physical bodies of the galaxies.   The cosmic dance is the same.  I hope my work can serve as portals to the universe and sanctuaries to the soul for experiencing the oneness of both.



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