Creeping Darkness

Creeping Darkness

The series “Brazen Anonymity” sees the artist baring his body while hiding his identity, much as we expose ourselves on the internet behind a façade of inconspicuousness. The idea of such exposure is, at the same time, both exciting and terrifying.

  • Title: Creeping Darkness
    Series: Brazen Anonymity


Year of execution: 2021

Size: 24x24x1.5 (canvas measurement in inches)

Technical data: Painted digitally

“Creeping Darkness” represents the shady corners of the internet, always in your peripheri as your dark secret. The shadow crawls toward you seductively. Will you let it in?

Limited edition 1 of 1, price reflects digital artwork in jpeg, png, or PDF

format delivered by email, as well as a canvas print shipped free worldwide.


Artist: Rob King


    Rob King


    Rob King is a digital fine artist and illustrator based in Madison, Wisconsin. He specializes in dynamic digital portraits drawn in a style of loose contemporary realism: relaying as much information as possible in fewer brushstrokes while rendering the subject recognizable.

    From 2001 to 2012, Rob served as a resident graphic artist for several military units, designing t-shirts, commemorative coins, billboards, and posters. His recent work includes commissioned digital portraits, logos, and tattoos, and successful print-on-demand apparel. In 2019, he moved to an all-digital platform in an effort to be more environmentally friendly. In August 2020, he established Rob King Illustration, LLC, dedicated to providing dynamic artwork to the general public in the form of affordable gallery-quality canvas prints. This is his first gallery showing.


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