Cover it up

Cover it up

Cover it up - 91 x 91 cm - september 2018 acrylic


Artist: Lise Ladouceur


    Cover it up - 91 x 91 cm - september 2018 acrylic


    Lise Ladouceur

    I obtained a diploma in 1986 after completing the Arts and Media Technology program in the province of Quebec before working for 18 years in advertising. Art has always been an important part of my life, but Ive never fully dived into it until now. Cellart came into my life when no other artistic means were available to create.

    I only work on my cellular phone, starting with my own pictures and then creating images that I transform into stunning artwork. These modified pictures are only printed on premium polished acrylic which give them brilliant luminous colors and fascinating depth. With my work I am hoping to bring awareness on mental health issue.


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