Cosmos II

Cosmos II

Title: Cosmos II

Series: Pinceladas

Size: 40x40 cm

Technique: acrylic on canvas
Year: 2020


Artist: Maria José Aloy


    Maria José Aloy


    Maria José Aloy is a Spanish artist who from 2020 dedicates her entire life to art.
    She participates in many painting courses at the “El Greco” academy and at the School of Artesanos in Valencia. She learns acrylic painting, oil painting, pastel technique, charcoal and watercolor. She mainly creates works in acrylic.
    She participates in many exhibitions:
    -1994/1995/1996/1997: collective exhibition at “El Greco” academy
    -2001: solo exhibition at “Sala de exposiciones del Exco Aytuntamiento” in Bétera (75 artworks)
    -2005: solo exhibition at “Sala de exposiciones del centro Aragonés” in Valencia (69 artworks)
    -2013: solo exhibition at Centro Aragonés in Valencia (42 artworks)
    -2021: collective exhibition at Van Gogh Art Gallery in Luxemburg
    -March 2021: collective exhibition at  M.A.D.S. Art Gallery in Milan – “Gaia: the origin”



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