SIZE: 60cm x 60cm x 3cm

YEAR: 2020

TECHNICAL DATA: Acrylic paint on box canvas

CONCEPT: I stargaze a lot and I love the mystery of the cosmos so I set about painting an evocative celestial scene. Using a range of brush sizes and strokes, I created an exciting mix of shapes and colours, including an unexpected burst of florescent orange, yellow and green shades. Some of the shapes have a fiery or edgy feel so I called this piece “Cosmic Flame”.



Artist: Breda Stack


    Breda Stack


    Breda Stack of Lightbridge Art is a Limerick, Ireland-based artist creating vibrant, soulful abstract artwork. Breda uses acrylics on canvas in her original paintings and she also produces a selection of limited-edition fine art giclée prints.

    Breda is mainly self-taught. Although she hadn’t painted in over twenty years, she found herself continually looking at Impressionist art and imagining a paintbrush in her hand. She finally took the hint and returned to art in 2018.

    With a varied professional background that includes media and IT, in more recent years Breda has been training, coaching, writing and speaking through her innovative holistic “Declutter Therapy” modality. Practising reiki since 2011 has been particularly influential on Breda’s “energetic” approach to art. She channels healing “soul vision” messages through her paintings, awakening a part of the viewer that had lain dormant – a thought, an emotion, a memory, a dream.

    In the short time since she began sharing her artwork with the world, many of Breda’s paintings have been awarded and featured in international art competitions and juried exhibitions.

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