Corpo Etereo

Corpo Etereo

Title: “Corpo Etereo”

Size: 100x70 cm

Oil on paper  


Artist: Benjamin Carminio


    Benjamin Carminio


    Benjamin Carminio was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in a family of artists. He soon starts his  artistic formation in shamanic symbolism and in 1998 he undertook a trip all over Europe that has brought him to meet, in Rome, the painter Maya Kokocinski his partner and teacher initiation in european painting based on Caravaggio’s gazes and chiaroscuri.

    This fusion betweek these two different way and artistic technique started a new painterly entity.

    Since 2000 Benjamin is an art restorer and he took part to different and important restoration works such as: the ones of the S. Pietro Cathedral (Rome); S. Ruffino Dome (Assisi) and S. Apollinare Church (Ravenna).

    Now he is based in Palermo, Sicily.



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