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    Constanza Mbehr was born in Mendoza, Argentina in 1987, actually lives in Santiago, Chile. In 2006 she started her studies of architecture at the University of Architecture and Urbanism of Mendoza and finished them in 2012 at the University Finis Terrae in Santiago de Chile. Her interest in visual arts began at the age of 17, with Orlando Siliotti, an artist from Mendoza; and later continued on her own while she studied architecture. In 2013 she started again her painting studies with Chilean artist Luis Millones, searching for new techniques and orienting her work towards abstract expressionism. Currently, she practices painting full time in conjunction with teaching under the "Creative Watercolor" course at @mundoapincel where the focus is on enjoying the process of creating, leaving aside the control of the result.



    My work emerges as a mean of self-expression, where the canvas is in charge of channelling all the emotions, when words lose power or do not find the right path. Each one of my works is part of a unique result equivalent to a specific space-time union; combining real experiences with places where fears are overcome, where there are no questions but answers, where there are no limits, where “I stop being someone and start being myself”.

    The stain is part of my creative process and together with the color, they will define the final result; they suggest me something and  I highlight them.

    Specifically during the 2020´s quarantine, I discovered newspaper due to the lack of materials, however I said "I have to keep creating anyway" and through the newspaper I continue with my spots as the   fundamental axis of my artwork.

    I let myself be guided by what the newspaper proposes with its news. Even though today the news are distressing, I am interested in shaping them into art and proposing a new story.


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