Coming Home

Coming Home

Coming Home.2017 Oil on canvas, Size 70x100 cm


Artist: Yaroslava Liseeva


    Coming Home.2017 Oil on canvas, Size 70x100 cm


    Yaroslava Liseeva



    Yaroslava Liseeva was born in Moscow in 1969. Graduated from Moscow State University - Geography Faculty - in 1993. Learned drawing and painting at  V.Akulinin school of art and creativity in 1996-2003. In 2003 participated in a group exhibition “Cross and Sun” with V.Akulinin and his other students.

    Then there was a break in painting – 2011-2016 – the period of professional lampworking and designing glass jewelry. Studied coaching and psychology in 2016-2018.

    In 2016 resumed painting and now is fully engaged in it.

    7-8 February 2020 in Moscow had personal exhibition “Within the Flow”.

    20-23 February 2020  participated in big Art Russia Fair at Gostiny Dvor in Moscow.



    ​ We live in the world where everything is inconstant and changing, moving and interconnecting. The life is very complicated and simple at the same time.  There is always chaos and order.

    My art and my style grow out of my perception of the reality as a versatile combination of precision and spontaneity, fluency and precipitancy, tension and harmony, conflict and balance.

    In my works I appeal to emotional and spiritual dimensions. Nowadays when our minds are overloaded with tons of information, social networks, news, it is very important just to make a stop and to open the eyes and see the world around, listen to it, feel it.  We can see and feel so many things, when we tune ourselves for that.


    When we are connected with the world through our souls, we start moving in the Flow together with everything around and find out our personal meanings and answers.


    The main constructive element in my paintings is the line, similar to isolines on the maps. I call them ‘iSOULines’ because they reveal the energy of inner tension and movement of the sensations born within the flow. The canvas becomes the map.

    Using traditional fine art media like oil paints and focusing on classical landscape images I try to create dynamic, voluminous and flowing world. The trees, the oceans, the lakes, wind, fire… The real things. But if we observe these phenomena with all our senses, they open for us their metaphorical essence and acquire universal, mythological  characteristics.



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