My artwork is abstract one.  It looks for shapes and words through a new lovely artistic way. I like to work images with all colors, as a material of my own creativity. To build abstract things made of colors means to me to win forms of light, and movement looking for analogies. In this way, I use to think about an empty world, far away from the surface. My painting looks for the corpus sensitivus, which means to dance on the cave created by colors. I desire to make from visual things a new reality, that does exist in the abysm of a deep world, where sounds, colors, movements win a new lovely artistic performance.



mixed technique



Artist: Kris Palo


    Kris Palo


    I was born in Sao Paulo state,in february, 1962.

    I studied in a school  of arts FAAP.

    I have participated of some exhibitions in Sao Paulo.

    Nowadays i live in Santos, a costline city, where i use to paddle

    with my own canoe, and i got my best images.



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