Cisco Dream

Cisco Dream

"Cisco Dream," mixed media on canvas, 60 in x 48 in


Artist: William Atkinson


    William Atkinson


    During his work for many years as a street artist under a pseudonym, William Atkinson sought to use his distinctive blend of Abstract Expressionism, Street Art, and Graffiti Assemblage to anonymously create public discourse. The Dallas raised painter has always been assertive in his socio-political expressions and encouraging of his viewers to engage in critical thought.
    While his work naturally transitioned from street art to formal galleries, his art has remained loud and subversive. His minimalist color palette, combined with broad, assertive strokes captivate his audience, demanding attention without being brash. Meanwhile, text spatters each piece in compelling conjunctions and serves as coded commentary for viewers seeking elucidation. But these days, Atkinson’s art is rarely dogmatic. His goal now is just for people to connect to his work. “Currently, I focus more on the personal expressive moment,” the artist says. “I hope that my work preserves those moments and transfers them to a viewer so that they may experience it for themselves.”

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