Chromatic love

Chromatic love

Title: Chromatic love, 2020

Series: Dawn Oil on canvas

Diameter: 90 cm

Description: The texture and vivid colours of the wide chromatic palette that created this piece, impresses the heart of those who observe thoroughly. It raises a huge joy for the coming seasons, for those endless cycles of nature, for growing old and for being alive. The brilliance and characteristics of the oil are the effects of the game between light and darkness. The round canvas allows to contemplate the state of the soul through the radial interaction of the center and the periphery; it is a symphony of tones represented in the quadrants. It is a chromatic circle meaning the infinity and the starting point as the arrival point. With this piece of Dawn series, the young artist invites the viewer, through this multisensory journey along the circle, to take in its current time in life with love.


Artist: María Paula Alzate Afanador


    María Paula Alzate Afanador


    Colombian artist María Paula Alzate Afanador goes beyond the figuration itself and reaches abstraction through her colorful palette. She studied Literature at Los Andes University in Bogotá and then completed a Master in Culture, Media and Literature in Mannheim University of Germany, where she lived for 8 years. In 2019 at the age of 35, feeling her soul’s call, she began with oil painting. Few months later, inspired by

    other artists, learning new techniques and using other materials where colour was the main character. In March 2020, one of her paintings was selected in a public art call by ARCOT (Artistas Colombianos en Tokio) for the international exhibition organized by Instituto Cervantes in Tokio, Japan. Her work has grown internationally since and has been recognized for the jazzy manage of colour in which the young artist identifies and expresses emotions and feelings and symbolizes thoughts, perceptions and moods. In her work, the most outstanding series are: Ancestors, Dawn, Awakening and Days on Earth. The artist continuously ponders through her work about the global situation which shows the vulnerability of humanity. She invites to transform the present and human interaction, embracing hope and travelling through her chromatic combination. María Paula firmly believes in the transforming power of art and in the remarkable way colours can tell a tale and leave trace.


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