Christine Johnsen

Christine Johnsen

Christine Johnsen


    Christine Johnsen


    About me

    Norwegian artist born 1978
    Living in Skedsmokorset right outside of Oslo, with my husband. We have four beautiful children together.

    Next to the formal part of my life has perhaps the largest part of my personality. the creative constantly allowed to unfold.

    Four years-ago I found my passion for painting abstract paintings on canvas. I use my intuitive feelings to create, and I find my inspiration from all the beauty around me.

    A painting is a poem without words”

    The best feeling for me is when a painting hits you right in the heart.


    2016 – 2017 Basic art painting course

    2017 – 2018 Main course in art painting

    2018 – 2019 Advanced courses in art painting


    2019 – Exhibition in Oslo The house of Artists

    2020 – Debuts exhibition in Lillestrøm art gallery

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