Christine Hodgson

Christine Hodgson


    Christine Hodgson

    I am from Montréal, Québec, Canada.

    Self-taught, Christine sees her work as an abstract expressionist artist as a dialogue her instinctive nature and a more delicate part of herself she seeks to express to honor her emotions and versions of herself: past, present and future self. Exploring her unconscious self, delving into areas of: desire, emotions and her personal experience through the clever use of color and gestural lines which she describes as a ‘series of coincidences’ revealing themselves on her canvases. She pauses her creative process to allow her to tune into what has been revealed on the canvas. She then explores the unconscious, through the energy the painting communicates to her and she then focuses on what resonates and lets go of what doesn’t. Her unique approach is that of a deep inner connection to her work which she displays in a celebration of colors.



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