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Christiane Amereller


    Christiane Amereller


    The kind of art I do at the moment is almost exclusively digital. But I try to change a little bit every day and so I never know for sure what I will like tomorrow. I’m always curious how wide my range is. I force myself not to get stuck in a style, that’s why I make also no series. My ideal is that every painting should be like a real individual.

    I think I will also try to paint in a traditional way in the future, but the paintings might look very different, because not only the ideas decide what we create but also the tools we use limit or free sometimes our thinking.

    In digital painting I like the aspect that I can try out different possibilities in a relatively short period of time. This way I feel very free in my expression, because can nearly immediately make my ideas visible and have less artisanal/ technical boundaries. I’m inspired by accident and coincidence and I like to make the things I have no control over my own by integrating them in my specific way of being. 

    Most of the time I get my material/ideas out of my own old digital paintings. I use different layers, deform, transform them in color and size, use just details… I elaborate on them until I can’t see the original I used as a basis. But sometimes I also use photos of nature and architecture and work on them until you couldn’t tell what it was before. Or mostly I combine both, photo and painting, old and new.

    But all in all if I make art I’m happy that I don’t have to think. I just go with the flow, I play with colors and forms and scrap a lot of intermediate stages. I indeed produce a lot of waste material and only choose what appeals to me in that moment in an inexplicable way.

    There is a physical theory that the reality exists only in two dimensions and the third one is only projection. For me digital paintings remind me of this. They are kind of flat, but I want them to look deep, they should give the illusion of other „dimensions“,   not only the normal third dimenion, also time, respectively movement and emotion (which is strongly connected in the original sense of the word). The human brain is the most complex structure in the universe. We create our reality through projections. Like Emily Dickinson says: „The Brain - is wider than the sky.“ I like to inspire people to discover there own inner richness and break their door to the imaginary world…


    Life and Studies:

    • 1988: Born in Straubing (Lower Bavaria)
    • 2007 Abitur in Straubing
    • 2015: Master of Arts at Mozarteum Salzburg (Violin)


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