Chantal Hemerijckx is a self-taught artist. She is an acrylic artist focusing on both the human and animal model. She didn't start focusing on art as a career until recently. In 2017 she took the leap into a full-time art career. Her work can be found in galleries and in private collections all across the world.

    Painting is a physical self expression to capture the mood, emotion, or personality of the model human or animal. Over time, her paintings have grown to be more about the subject and less about the setting.

    She was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo - Africa. She grew up in the lake Kivu area and then went to primary and secondary school in the country's capital Kinshasa.

    She lived in different European capitals : London and Paris. She is currently based in Brussels.

    She started her artist experience by drawing realistic portraits with only pencil and paper, her next step was mural painting. She also work with oil painting. Her oil paintings were mainly animal scenes. Her first Collection in colorful acrylic Pop Art paint « #NameTheFace » was inspired by actors and singers. Since 2018 she attends the Artistic Private Academy of Ixelles.


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