Born in the Netherlands, now living in Sweden. I have been drawing since I was a child.

    Started as an artist in the eighties.

    In the nineties, I became an actor for 15 years.

    Moving to Sweden in 2014 made me want to work again as a painter. I missed painting and drawing.

    Some good friends gave me an Ipad and so I started to try this out. I lovit!

    Every day I work on it.

    Watercolouring is my favorite at the moment.

    In the early days I was inspired by Cy Twombly, Pollock, Kirkeby, Baselitz and many others. At the moment I find myself looking to the work of Munch, Veuillard and Bonnard but also to the work of Daniel Richter, mamma Anderson and Peter Doig and other contemporary painters. Mostly my work starts with an image I have found on internet or things I photograph myself. I make a fast sketch then and see if it is interesting to go on with.

    The photographic element is usually just a part of my painting and a part of the composition. I have trouble to draw out of my head.

    This mentioned, I try to forget the photograph and use my sketch as a start. Painting on my Ipad gives me freedom. I react to what happens when I paint and there comes a moment that the drawing or painting is finished. Never know when or why. Or maybe not. Anything can inspire me. The woods around me, politics or disasters, a beautiful day or person.

    Every day I react on the things that touch me.

    But my own dogs, cats, horses and the life I live, is equally important for my paintings.


    The sense of light, the mood, the colors, the feeling of a painting does not come easily, it comes by working, experience and chance and......every day.


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