Catch the invisible landscape

Catch the invisible landscape

Title:   Catch the invisible landscape

Year:   2020

Tech:  Acrylic paint on drawing paper

size:    244x355 mm


Artist: Shogo Shibata


    Shogo Shibata


    I graduated from Musashino Art University's oil painting department.

    I have always painted oil paintings, particularly still lifes. Oil painting, although beautiful and characterized by bright colors needs a suitable place and long periods of painting.

    About two years ago I discovered digital painting, which allows me to play with colors as I have always wanted but in shorter time and compatible with everyday life.

    When I create I try to stop my mind, not think and just have fun and yet, this creative process brings my mind to meditation, to catharsis from the real world. The things you can't see with your eyes can be expressed with color, you just have to create.



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